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True Hoops

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Think Big

Is it possible that the Knicks front office is actually making all the right moves?
After the rumors regarding Chris Paul and a new big three in New York, the Knicks decided to focus on reality and pulled a 180 to fill a position much more vital to their ultimate success.
Now they have a really big, big three.

This is not to say that  Tyson Chandler is a super star. Actually, he isn't even an all-star (only a career 8 points and 9 rebounds/game). But, at the same time he is a 7'1" defensive minded big that is athletic with a winning pedigree. No, Chandler is no Marcus Camby, but he has a gold medal and a NBA championship. Furthermore, he allows A'mare to play his natural position at the 4. And with Melo at the 3, he arguably gives New York the best frontline in the league. Outside of getting Dwight Howard (who may be on his way to the Nets), this was the best big the Knicks could get to address their needs and complement their stars.

This was a home run for New York.

This doesn't make the Knicks a lock for a championship - as they are thin at the point guard position - but if playing to their potential, the Knicks should be a two or three seed in the East. They actually have nice depth now with Jared Jeffries and Shawne Williams. Throw in Landry Fields and they should clean up the boards.

Do A'mare, Melo, and Chandler really comprise the best front court in the NBA?
Let's look at the competition:

Los Angles - Was the best with Gasol, Bynum, and Odom. But trading for Chris Paul would breakup up the bigs.

Memphis - As seen in last year's playoffs, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are tough to deal with. Throw in a healthy Rudy Gay and watch out. Memphis should be a top 4 seed in the west this year.

Oklahoma City - Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins, Serge Ibaka, and Nick Collison. Only one scorer, but if it's KD, then that's probably enough.

Chicago - Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Taj Gibson. Pretty Gritty.

Miami - LeBron and Chris Bosh with anyone may be the tops. Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony are nice compliments but force Bosh to play the 5, although Bosh said he would welcome that this year. Ironically enough, picking up former Knick Eddie Curry might prove to be a big acquisition - if he can somehow provide close to 10 and 10 while protecting the basket.

After checking out the competition, and with the Lakers getting smaller, the Knicks look like they might be standing tall this year.

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