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True Hoops

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mad Moves!

Okay, I know this is predominantly a NBA blog. But still, it's always good to take some time and give props to the youngsters - especially during the NCAA tournament. There certainly has been a lot of shining moments this past weekend on the way to the Sweet Sixteen (4 teams from the Big East!), but let me point out two of the better moves of the tournament thus far.

There is always one breakout performance a year. Enter CJ McCollum.
Playing for the Leigh Mountain Hawks of the patriot league, McCollum dropped 30 points to go along with 6 rebounds and 6 assists while leading the no. 15 seeded Hawks over no. 2 seeded Duke (only the 6th time in NCAA history that's happened). With all the big name players on the floor for Duke, it became quite obvious fairly early on that McCollum was the best player on the floor. Check out this move:

Sheesh. That dude was dancing like CP3 during last year's NBA playoffs!
Break it down: 
1) Come off a down screen to get the ball  (a-la reggie Miller/Rip Hamilton).
2) Clear out the right side for an isolation by waving off your teammate in the post (it's not like he's the two-time patriot conference player of the year).
3) Crossover behind you back (left to right) then in front of you (right to left) - this is all just pretense.
4) Throw the ball between your legs, then reverse between your legs (a-la Tim Hardaway).
5) Freeze your defender by doing an exaggerated crossover  (a-la Allen Iverson).
6) To finish - instead of just going to the rim for a lay-up, take a step back jumper - going to your right.

Very nice, very nice. 
But oy vey, so involved!

Honestly, I prefer the more efficient methodology utilized by Jeffrey Taylor from Vanderbilt against Wisconsin:

Ahh, nice and right to the point.
What do they say about profoundness in simplicity?
1) Jab right, then go left
2) Cross back over to go right
3) Watch your defender fall.
4) step back into your three point shot.

Okay, Taylor only finished with 9 points and Vanderbilt lost the game.
But he made his man fall - should't that count for something?

In any event, shot out to CJ McCollum and Jeffrey Taylor for providing tournament gems that will last for a long time to come.

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  1. McCollum of LeHigh & Mighty def was the player of the weekend. The crossover that setup the step back jumper was by far the play of the weekend.I had Vandy going to the Final Four in my bracket. I thought with Jenkins and Taylor lighting it up from outside they were set, but Wisconsin's inside presence was too much for them. And shout out to Brady Heslip of Baylor, who rained down nine 3-pointers on the Colorado Buffaloes to ignite for 27 points. Very impressive!