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True Hoops

Monday, April 9, 2012

Captain Clutch

The Bulls folding in the clutch followed by the Knicks making big plays down the stretch to win???
What planet are we living on?

Well, the Knicks/Bulls game Sunday at the Garden certainly provided some out of this world moments.
After being down 21 points in the first quarter, the Bulls managed to fight all the way back to take the lead late in the 4th quarter. No real surprise there. As is typical Knicks fashion, no lead is safe.

However the real shocker was being down 10 points with just three and a half minutes to go in regulation, the Knicks managed to finish the 4th on a 10-0 run to force overtime. This was capped off by the bulls missing 4 straight free throws, the last two by Derrick Rose.

Down three with under 20 seconds to go, this happened:

The only thing better than Melo's actual shot, was Van Gundy saying the Bulls shouldn't foul right before he pulled from 35 feet in Gibson's face.

Of course in overtime, the Knicks found themselves down 4 points with a little over a minute to go. But then a Carmelo Anthony Lay-up followed by a Derrick Rose turnover led to this:

The only thing better than Melo's actual shot was Van Gundy saying "I like that" right before he nailed it in Deng's mug.

Melo finished the game with 43 points on 16-31 shooting while leading the Knicks over the team with the best record in the league.  And this was a much needed win. It enabled the Knicks to stay ahead of the Bucks by one game for the 8th seed in the East and pull to within one game of the 76ers for the 7th seed. Quite frankly, with the season on the line Melo is carrying the Knicks right now. He's averaging 30 points per game on 49% shooting in the last 7 games (in which the Knicks are 5-2).

With 10 games to go, how much more can Carmelo do? 
How far can the Knicks go?

We'll get a good idea this week as the Knicks have a rematch with Chicago on Tuesday followed a showdown with the Bucks Wednesday.

Go NY! Go NY! Go!

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