True Hoops

True Hoops

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here We('re) Go(ne) Again?

What started out as a joke, is on the verge turning into a disaster.
(Seems as if we've been down this road with LeBron before, haven't we?)

So without further delay, here are,
The Keys for the Heat beating the Celtics (and saving their season):

** Of course, this assumes that someone in Miami cares about extending their season. It also assumes that someone there has the acumen to make strategy adjustments on the fly. 

** If Miami's season comes to a crashing halt tomorrow, the Heat should make sure to offer any and everything to get Phil Jackson to take over in South Beach.

** But the crazy thing is......isn't this the perfect opportunity for LeBron and Miami to exorcise their personal and collective demons???


  1. and I saw that you got to pass this on to Spo and Lebron last night. Good job Sports Rabbi.

    1. Ha!

      I was just trying to do my part ;)
      Thanks for the support!