True Hoops

True Hoops

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Beat the Heat***

Here it is!
The foolproof plan to beat the defending champs:

***This will get you a 7 point victory.

Great job Indiana!
All you need is for this exact amalgamation of events to happen only two more times^ and you're off to San Antonio!

^Actually, I might go as far to say that points 1-6 are entirely plausible. Mario Chalmers compensated somewhat by scoring 20 points. The Pacers shot 50% in game 4, the Heat shot 39%. In general, Layups beat jump shots. Now about point #7......

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  1. To you point #7 Lebron is a hack and those offensive fouls were on point lucky he did get a tech on one of them... you should mention all the calls they miss on that dude. That was only the 2nd time he's ever been fouled out in the playoffs (or is it ever, idk).