True Hoops

True Hoops

Monday, November 4, 2013

Peace in New York

This is the realest thing I have seen in a long time:

There are times when I know basketball is more than just a game - that it can be revolutionary. Something about this video makes me feel that way.

First off, this is every NY kid that had hoop dreams......dream. We all ride the train to games while in high school. Imagine doing that as a pro.
Second off, I can't do anything thing but feel great for World Peace. A long journey home (14 years to be exact). To come back and be able to take the train to the Garden, it has to be an amazing feeling. It's evident by the combined look of reserved jubilation, reflection, and contentment of Metta's face while he is talking.

And I absolutely love the fact that he brings his crew with him and shares the whole experience with  them - while acknowledging them. The shot of World Peace sitting/waiting for the train with another guy's arm wrapped around him is priceless.

For all the talk about how great the latest LeBron commercial is (yes, there are a lot - but this one), the video above is kind of like the real thing.

Welcome home Metta.
You represent New York well.

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