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Friday, January 30, 2015

Klay Day

Yes, you are used to the Point Guard Project here at True Hoops.
And thank you for that.

But, perhaps it's time we show some love to other positions as well?

How about as a proposal -  the "Shooting Guard Project?"
Not as deep as the point position? Sure.
But.... there certainly are some living legends (Kobe, Wade), some MVP candidates (Harden), and some up and comers in the league right now.

Where do we start?
Well....why not with the other half of the Splash (brothers)....Klay Thompson.

37 in a quarter.
9/9 on threes, 13/13 from the field.
In case you didn't see:

52 in the game.
Currently the leading scorer on the best team in the NBA....
And just named to his first All-Star game.

Seems like a good place to start.
Klay, what do you think:

1) Growing up, who did you watch play - and is there anyone who's game you tried to emulate?
He watched everyone play in the 90's. Of course Kobe Bryant, (because) he was a Lakers fan. Tracey  McGrady. Saw their athleticism - that's what he wanted to be growing up. Reggie Miller, Ray Allen. Those are the four he watched.

2) In the summer when you are trying to get better, what's a typical workout for you like?
A lot of shots on the move, off curls, pin-downs, in transition, running to the three point line.
Try to take shots he'll get in the game and finish around the basket better

3) Are there any sort of mechanics or warmups you do?
A little bit. Stand three feet from the basket - and shoot jumpers - just to get form right.
But not much.

4) Do you have a checklist? 
Just get my legs into - don't worry about upper body. He get's his best arch, when the ball has the best chance of going in, when his legs are into it.

5) What sort of strength training do you do (for your legs)?
A lot of running......a lot  of running.

6) Any words of advice on how to be a better shooter?
Get in the gym.
Shooting is the easiest skill to improve.
It just takes a lot of reps and a lot of determination to get better.

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