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True Hoops

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No NBA, No Problem

By now, you have probably heard.
You have probably even seen highlights on ESPN.

And if not, where the heck have you been?
Kevin Durant dropped 66 points at Rucker park in Harlem the other night!

See for yourself:

This is actually an extended version of the video.

A few things:

1) Remember that saying that street ballers are better then NBA players or can at least compete with them?
Yeah....... not sure if I'm gonna believe that one.

2) Here is one difference: go to the 38 second mark.
Look at how #5 on the red team tries to cross over Durant, and then gets his pocket picked.
Oy vey!
Durant gave the dude 3 feet of space and practically begged him to take an open jump shot.
But nooooo! This is Rucker park.
Somebody tell that guy Kevin Durant is 6'9" with a wing span over 7 feet long. It's hard to cross him over.
Oh wait, it looks like Durant was telling him that very thing after he picked his pocket.

3) How about Durant's Rucker park name?
Wait for it...... "The Best."
In fact, "The Best," may be the best nick name yet, even better than Baron Davis' "Too Easy," and Kobe Bryant's "Lord of the Rings." (By the way, Kobe scored 15 points to go along with 7 rebounds and 7 assists in his lone appearance at Rucker park back in '02).

4) How about some of the street ball legends that were in the park?
"The Future" was on Durant's team (#3), and at 4:08 you can see Kareem Reid, aka "The Best Kept Secret," enjoying the action. (Reid played college ball at Arkansas). I'm sure there were tons of others.

5) And finally, go to 3:34
After Durant hits one of many 40 foot jump shots and is mobbed by fans, listen one of the guys in the crowd - who actually happens to be Jessie Sapp -  repeatedly say "I told you!"
(For those that don't know, Jessie Sapp is a NYC product that went to the Final Four with Georgetown and now plays ball overseas. I told you there were plenty of people there).

Wait a minute Jessie..... what do you mean you told us???
What exactly did you tell us???
What, did you say before the the game: "Hey guys, keep an eye on this Kevin Durant." "You may not have heard of him but he's a pretty good ball player." "I would't be surprised if he has a good game tonight."

Sorry to break it to you, but we kind of got a hint that Durant was a bad young man after he led the league in scoring the past two years - not to mention leading the US to a gold medal in the World Championships in between. We've seen him pull off nasty plays in the Western Conference Finals.

Now on the other hand, I would really be impressed if before the game you said:
"Kevin Durant is going for 60 tonight."
That would certainly warrant a "I told you so!"

My only response to that, and this whole event would be like the dude at the 3:38 mark:
"Yes sir!"


  1. Ok, when I first heard about this, I was like "eh, who cares, it's the Rucker. I could probably drop 40 there myself." Then, I watched the highlights. That made a HUGE difference. How do you stop a 6-9 guy from making 40 footers??? Oh, thats right, you cant. Which he has made abundantly clear in the league over the past 2 years, and completely palpable in this masterpiece. However, I cant believe that this video has the nerve to show what had to be his LONE ASSIST in the game. You mean you couldnt find another bucket to show me? Some of my favorites: Around the 5:23 mark when he is askin for a clear out, and someone in the crowd shouts "Move,(expletive)" It made no difference because he drained the 3 anyway. Also at the 4:20 mark when the crowd is extra hyped, and Durant pulls up from Gauchos Gym over 3 people and hits the jumper. But most of all I love how into the game he was. The no nonsense, "Im here to assassinate" look on his face. I may watch this a few more times before bed. LOL

  2. I'm not big on writing LOL, but I literally laughed out loud at the "Durant pulls up from the Gauchos gym" line.

    Touche my friend, touche.

  3. I will say, John Lucas III seemed to have an answer to Durant's "no nonsense" attitude the next night at pro-city.

    And for those that don't now by now, Lucas dropped 60 against Durant, who was limited to a meager 41 points.

    I tell ya, 60 is the new 30.

  4. If I were unemployed, I wouldn't play defense either :)