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True Hoops

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Difference between LeBron and Durant pt.2

You may recall I pointed out a subtle difference between the two a couple of months ago.
Here is another one.

Remember a few years ago when everyone made a big fuss over the fact that LeBron James got dunked on in a summer pickup game?

Sure you do. Everyone gave him hell for it, even though it turned out not to be that bad.

Well, did you hear that Kevin Durant got dunked on in a summer league game at Dyckman park in Washington Heights last night?
No? (Did you even hear that he played there last night?)

Well see for yourself:

Okay, I don't think this was that bad either (I actually don't think getting dunked on is ever that bad unless it is chest to chest and/or involves the dunk recipient falling down afterwards).

But still, the fact is that this video isn't really getting that much play on the airwaves (306 views on Youtube as of writing this - compared to the LeBron incident being on ESPN).
Why not?

There certainly seems to be a lot more love out there for KD then there is for LBJ.

On a side note, what I find as hilarious, if not more than the dunk are two things.
1) A guy in a green jersey on the side pointing at Durant after the dunk to taunt him. What gall.

2) More subtle, but the fact that Durant tries to get the ball after the dunk (perhaps to retaliate but making a 40 foot jumpshot) but is frozen out by is own teammate who keeps dribbling up the court. Kudos to that guy. 

What do you think is more impressive: Dunking on Kevin Durant or not passing him the ball because you want to do your own thing? 

I believe only Russel Westbrook can get away with that sort of behavior.

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