True Hoops

True Hoops

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Difference between LeBron And Durant

To all those out there that think Durant is better than LeBron (although I've noticed that argument has quieted down):

LeBron's idea of defense:

Great block.

Durant's idea of defense:

Way to get out of the way.


  1. This guy has definitely been reading True Hoops. He saw the victims of heat sacks past, and decided it was best to leave the contesting for guys who need the publicity. Wow. LOL

  2. Of course I was just having a bit of fun with this post.

    In all fairness to KD, it's much harder to try to block a dunk coming from someone that has a full head of steam, like Arthur did in the play above.
    It's probably a good thing he didn't contest - getting dunked on would have been bad for team moral.

    Still, it was hilarious how he kind of did a half-way jump and then thought to himself: "what am I doing?"
    The way he keeps his arms down while jumping and watching Arthur fly by is priceless.

    On the other hand, The play by LeBron was phenomenal. Look how high he jumped and look at his hang time. I'm not sure if he fouled Garnett with his off hand - but he if he did, that wasn't gonna get called.

    And even though this post was just fun and games, there really are major differences between the two of these players. LeBron does everything. Durant, while he may rebound a bit, is mostly just a scorer. He may be a better scorer than LeBron, in certain situations, but he is not a better player.

    Further, LeBron can dominate a game defensively. Look how many times he chases down a shot in transitions. He and Wade are excellent perimeter defenders.
    Durant doesn't dominate a game defensively - at least not yet.