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True Hoops

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dirk and the New Microwave

Forget about the Rose in Chicago.
Forget about the stars in Miami.
And forget about KD and West in OKC.

At this point, how can you not be rooting for Dirk and Dallas?
Are you not enamored with his skill set yet?

Even Magic Johnson, after the Mavs swept the Lakers, has said:
"Dirk I used to appreciate what you did from afar, but now I am a complete fan."
"Keep it up, because you have what it takes to win a championship."
And that was after he swept Magic's Lakers.

After having over a week off since that series, how did he follow it up to start this one against the Thunder?
How about 48 points on 12-15 shooting, 24-24 from the foul line (NBA record).
What was most incredible was how easy it seemed for him.
It was almost as if the game was in slow motion.

Look how unfazed he is by all of Serge Ibaka's quick hand motions:

Dirk was so nasty, the youtube clip above (in which the music is epic) says he "posterizes" Ibaka.
All he did was shoot a jumper in his face!
Do we now have a new standard for jump shooters/posters?

Speaking of shooting.
Serge, Dirk is a 7 foot jump shooter.
Rather than only using your hands, why not get up in his body and make him put the ball on the floor?
That way you can use your feet as well.
Oh wait. you tried that earlier in the game:

Never mind.
Question. Does that baseline move/dunk qualify as "posterize," or are we strictly only counting jumpers from now on?

Speaking of lanky jump shooting big men, we can't forget about Kevin Durant's game...... can we?
Only 40 points on 10-18 shooting, 18-19 from the foul line. Throw in 8 rebounds for good measure. 
And that is following his 39 point game 7 performance.
I know I'm pretty hard on him (mostly in defense of LeBron).
But I have to say, this kid is legit. 
He's a straight up un-tattooed version of Carmelo Anthony.

But to continue my stringency on admitting Durant's greatness - maybe something more than scoring is required for the Thunder to win this series.
I insinuated what The difference between LeBron and Durant is a little while ago.
That difference would be LeBron's ability to dominate a game on the defensive end.
Of course that post was followed up by LeBron being named to the first team NBA all-defensive team.

You know what I would love to see?
How about Durant telling his coach - "I'll guard Dirk."
And why not?
Durant has the length to contest shots and the foot speed to stay up on him.
Yes, Dirk will proceed to take Durnat to the post. But how is that any different from what he does to anybody else?
Hey, it's the western conference finals - it's time to go all out.

Lastly, I know what all of you out there are saying.
48 points aside, who really cares about Nowitzki?

We all know Jose Barea is the real driving force behind the mavericks, right?
I don't care what the NBA lists him as, this dude is no where near 6'0"
Still, no one can guard this guy.
He was a difference maker in two of the wins against the Lakers - shooting 50% in that series.
Last night, this dude had 21 points on 8-12 shooting, in 16 minutes!
I repeat: 21 points in 16 minutes! 
Apologies to Vinnie Johnson, but Jose Barea is the new Microwave.
What makes it even better is that 6 of his 8 field goals were inside the paint!
Besides no one, who is holding this guy???

Mr. Westbrook, have I got a job for you......

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