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True Hoops

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MVP Talk

Did you check out the conversation that occurred during last night's game between the reigning MVP Derrick Rose, and the winner of the two previous MVPs, LeBron James???

From what I was able to see and hear, it went something like this:

Rose: LeBron, I can't believe you left Cleveland like that. You were the two-time MVP, you had everything. Your team was the number 1 seed in the NBA for two straight years. How could you bounce? Everyone would love to be in that position - you were the man. 
You know what? let me show you how it's done - now I got the MVP, the number 1 seed, so move out of the way - and don't even think about jumping:

LeBron: Kid, I love your game. Congrats on the MVP - everyone knew you were gonna win it. And congrats on getting the number 1 seed in the NBA - no one expected that. But please - let's not go back to the 'Decision.' There were so many things involved that, at 22, you don't really understand yet.
And besides, I've won the MVP twice already. It's a nice trophy but I want other trophies - if you know what I mean. Plus now that I am in Miami I can focus on other things like being NBA first team all-defense. Here, let me show you: 

Rose: So what? You were able to block me from the blind side, big deal. I don't care what you say. Being the MVP means that you can take over at any moment and win a game, by yourself. I don't need anyone to help me shoulder the load - we already have the best defense in the league. Plus, I'm the fastest guy on the court and you guys can't stay in front of me - who cares if my team can't shoot.
It doesn't matter how many defenders you send at me  - I'll out jump them all:

LeBron: Alright, now you listen to me. This is between us, don't try to embarrass my teammates.  You went a little too far. Don't act like I can't do the same.

Rose: Yeah, but.....

LeBron: No kid, you've done enough talking. I've heard enough from you and the likes all season long. Now it's time for you to watch, listen and learn. I can take over a game as well, pretty much anytime I want to. More still, I can do it on a plethora of moves - including jump-shots - not just dunking on people.  

LeBron: And what? You want me to guard you straight up? Even when the game is on the line? Okay, watch me. Yes that's right, I'm quick enough to stay in front two straight possessions to close out regulation (I did the same thing against Paul Pierce in game 4 of the last series as well - and that dude was a finals MVP).
   And, contrary to misconception, as you can see above I can finish over Noah going to the basket. I'm big enough to take the contact and protect the ball with my body while finishing with the left. And that's right, I don't need no foul.
But you know what I do need? Do you know what I have finally realized? That no matter how great I am as an individual, I can't do it on my own - I need help.
    Let tell you what I mean.
   You know my friend Chris right? Everybody hates him, including your team. But he is averaging 24 and 7 against you guys on 64% shooting. Only Dirk is shooting better than that. How much of a luxury do you think it is for me to just feed him and have him create and make big shots?
   And let me introduce you to my friend Dwayne. You may have heard that he took over the Boston series and kind of allowed me to pick a choose my spots. We sort of have this thing going where we take turns dominating a game - or series. It allows me to stay fresh and loose without having all of the pressure from carrying a franchise/city on my shoulders. He's "only" averaging 18 and 7 this series, but hey that's why we also have Chris. And you talk about defense? Well, we're pretty good at that as well. You've already seen me stay in front of you, but Dwayne can D up as well, as you'll see for yourself:

Rose: (tired and panting) Wow. This MVP/savior solo act is harder than it looks.

LeBron: (smiling) Tell me about it kid. Try it for 4 years in a row. Sorry I had to do this to you, but better you learn from me - I know what it's like to be drafted by your home state. 
By the way, you're doing a great job.

Rose: I just thought we had a bunch of good players and could win it all since we had the best record.
I guess it is good to have some super friends.

LeBron: Yeah kid, the playoffs are a different animal. You do have good players, but this environment isn't for the faint of heart. Give it some time, see how you guys grow and maybe you can add someone of your caliber. Then we'll see what happens. 

Rose: Thanks a lot LeBron, I really appreciate your help. 

LeBron: No problem kid. As I said, I'm a big fan. Hold your head up. I may not get a chance to say much to you after the next game, but let's talk more in London 2012.

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