True Hoops

True Hoops

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Dirk Nowitzki is...... all of the above.
At this point he is so good, he is bad.
He is so bad, it's ugly.
And it's been so ugly in these playoffs, that his game is out right nasty. 

This guy IS a beast:

My favorite shot comes at the 16 second mark.
Dirk, pressured by Nick Collision:
1) spins to his left
2) is cut off
3) spins back to his right
4) anticipates Collision contesting (we're talking precognition here)
5) therefore performs an up and under move
6) is still contested
7) therefore jumps off one foot for a fall-away jumper
8) is wet
9) gives a half snarl/half "how nasty am I?" look to some unfortunate OKC fans in the crowd.
(consider it a more playful version of Kobe's snarl look).

Do you think he practices all that?

And look at dirk's swag after making the one handed off-balance shot in the next clip.
(Is he playing a game of horse?)
Conversely, look at the deflated look of the OKC bench and fans behind him.

Best of all listen to the music.
It is befitting of a hero putting a team on his back to save the day, in an hostile environment.
It seems befitting of an NBA champion - I guess we'll have to see about that.

Dirk has answered himself.
This dude is the best right now, hands down.
Did anyone expect this?
For the playoffs, Dirk is averaging 29 points and 7 rebounds a game on 52% shooting.
For the western conference finals, Dirk is averaging 34 points on 56% shooting!

Is this guy for real?

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  1. It looks like Dirk is doing his part to get his rematch with the Heat. Yes, Im pretty much dismissing Chicago. Bosh + Haslem = what a wise man once said about Chi Town celebrating a Bulls victory "Ya'll can take all that s&%t off the windows. Aint gonna be no celebratin tonight!!!"