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True Hoops

Monday, May 9, 2011

Two of a Kind*

Wade: "LeBron, how many chips did you say we would win?"
LeBron: "whoo, I don't remember. But don't worry, as long as your game stays as fly as your jacket, we got this."
I been saying it.
I been saying it.
Ain't I been saying it?
I been saying it for ten damn months.

When you have the two best players in the world on your team, the opposition is in trouble.
As a matter of fact, the whole NBA is in trouble.

Some people questioned the ability of this duo to work together or to compliment one another.
Some people felt they didn't have enough of an overall team to beat the Celtics.
Well they haven't won anything yet, but with a 3-1 lead over Boston and the Lakers gone, let's be real.
The championship is the Heat's to lose (no disrespect to Dallas).

As I have stated before (in the comment section of 'Wake up and Smell the Rose' and in 'Deja Vu: the Prequel') You're not going to be able to handle these guys together in a playoff series.

Let's look at the numbers of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade this series against the Celtics:
James: 27 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists a game on 46% shooting
Wade: 29 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists a game on 49% shooting

Now let's look at the prospects of the Celtics.
Boston: Done

Listen, these guys can and have been taking turns as to which one will take over a game - either on a nightly basis  or from possession to possession. Do you know how much of a luxury that is?
Ask Derrick Rose.

James and Wade both put so much pressure on the defense.
They both attack relentlessly to create whatever they want for themselves and others as well.
You can't guard them straight up, but if you double one, the other will have an advantage or at the very least someone else will get an open look.
James Jones had 25 points in game one against the Celtics and some brilliant commentator blamed it on the fact that the Boston defense was paying too much attention to the ball.
Yeah, no kidding genius.
If Wade or LeBron has the ball in their hands, chances are you'll want to be paying attention.
All Jones, Bibby, Miller, and Chambers have to do is make open jumpers. And as I said previously, if those guys can give them anything, they're in the finals - easy.

And that's just if one of them has their way.
Of course, if you're really unlucky, they both do their thing  - at the same time.

And for the 100th time, this was why LeBron made his 'Decision.'

Look at how it all has come to fruition this series.
Game one: Wade, 38 points. LeBron a pedestrian 22 points.
LeBron even said himself that last year his team wouldn't have won a game like this because he didn't dominate. But now, no sweat!

Still, it doesn't mean LeBron doesn't want in on the fun.
Game two: LeBron 35 points, Wade second fiddle with 28 points.

Game three: The lone aberration in the series, Wade 23 points, LeBron 15 points!
No coincidence the Heat lost. Did the Celtics figure something out? Did they find out how to stop one or both of these guy sat the same time?

It just so happens I was able to ask them myself after game 3 in the Boston Garden press room
You can listen to their whole interview session below, but if you want to hear Dr. JRS inquire, skip ahead to around the 3:56 mark - I'm reppin' Israel Sport Radio. (The audio file is fairly low in volume, please use headphones for optimal listening pleasure).

So, as D. Wade said:
1) Boston had good energy.
2) Boston is a good defensive team.
3) He and LeBron settled
4) And they would have to look at film to make the proper adjustments.

What did they do in Game four you ask?
LeBron 35 points. And Wade second fiddle again with 28 points.
Yeah, I would say they made the proper adjustments.
And that's the point, these two are too good to be held in check in a seven game series.
Just when you think you have them figured out, they turn the Heat back on.

Naturally I was curious as to what specific adjustments they made to beat the vaunted Celtics defense in game four in Boston Garden.

I figured why not just ask them directly again (it's all about the primary sources).
Again, you can listen to their whole interview session, but to hear Dr. JRS inquire, skip ahead to about the 7:22 mark - again reppin' Israel Sport Radio! (Headphones please.)

I absolutely love it.
Listen to LeBron giving credit to the Celtics defense.
As well he should. You always want to make the dude you just smoked seem tough, which by default means you are one bad-ass, because you just smoked them.

LeBron, I never said what you did was easy.
What I was insinuating with my question and little chuckle was that you my friend are the baddest dude in the world and that guy sitting next to you on the podium happens to be the second baddest dude in the world.

And the truth is, great offense, especially from you two, can beat good defense.

After praising the Celtics defense, LeBron went on to say the difference in game four was really just a matter of himself and Wade being more aggressive and the both of them constantly being in attack mode.
Really? That's all?
I don't know what I expected him to say.
Maybe it is easy.
I get the feeling, he went back to realizing that the only person in the world that can guard him is himself.

And lest we forget, if you think you can manage to cover these two for seven games, you'll notice an asterisk next to the title of this post.
That's because, in all fairness, their really is a third component here.
As I pointed out to all the haters several months ago, Chris Bosh is giving the Heat great production as a third option. It has continued in the playoffs and in the series against Boston as well.
Although only averaging 13 points a game this series, he is getting 10 rebounds a game. That's big.
And he always seems to come through in big games when people start to question him.
One game after being dominated by Garnett, Bosh had 20 points and 12 rebounds in their overtime win. Not to mention his tip-in with under a minute to go in overtime to essentially seal the deal.

Think about this:
In game four Miami's big three combined for 83 points (out of 98!).
Holy Schnikes.
Ho do you handle that?

With that said, let's see the Heat finish it off tonight and advance.
Then let's see them take out the MVP.
Then let's see them take out Nowitzki, or Durant if he dares.

Then, you will have seen history made.
A 'Decision' vindicated.
And a dynasty truly born - 11 months after the victory parade.

The Future is now.

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