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True Hoops

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wake Up and Smell the Rose

The past couple of posts I have pointed out some moves to use for creating your own shot.
The Step-back jumper.
The crossover.

I like to call this move the "M-V-P."

I'll leave it to Derrick Rose to demonstrate:

Not sure if I can break this one down.
Sometimes dudes are just nice.

And by the way, Rose finished with 30 points, 8 assists, and 5 rebounds to lead the Bulls to a 16 point victory over the Celtics......and the 1 seed in the East.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, who do you think will finish second in MVP voting?


  1. Second??? A wise man once said when asked about who would run the 3 on the Lakers when they were starting 4 Hall of Famers "Who cares?" LOL

  2. That same wise man turned out to be wrong as the Pistons exposed those Lakers in the '04 finals.

    Actually, I think who finishes 2nd (or 3-5) does matter, more and more.
    Check out this article by

    Did you know that only 13 of the last regular season MVP winners went on to win the championship?
    I'm almost positive after this year it will be 13 of the last 41.
    Rose is the MVP, but I don't see the Bulls winning it all. In fact, I don't see them coming out of the east. It was the same situation the last two years with LeBron.

    I have a feeling that after all is said in done, Miami is coming out of the east, and I was leaning in that direction even before their beat-down of the Celtics yesterday, and even before the Celtics traded Perkins.
    Enough is enough, they have the two best players and a top big.
    If Bibby, Miller, and the rest can give them something... they are going.