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True Hoops

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Create a Caption

Let's play a game.
Using pictures of NBA plays from this season, create an appropriate caption to describe what all relevant participants might have been thinking.

First up, Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic.
This play occurred the other night:

First reaction: Why?
Why jump? You got to love the naivete of the youngster Jrue Holiday. His heart was in the right place. But seriously, what was he hoping to accomplish by jumping on this play? A veteran would have gotten out of the way.

And come on now Jrue, part of becoming a better basketball player is learning from your mistakes and improving upon them. Apparently you have been needlessly trying to block dunks since you were playing against Kemba walker in high school.

Look at the disgust on Dwight Howard's face afterwards. 
Jrue, it's almost as if you forced him into doing something he didn't want to.

But come on now Dwight, this dude was like half your size, and younger than you. 
This play doesn't exactly make you bad......just mean.
Why did you feel it was necessary to steal this kid's lunch money?
But I guess sometimes we all have to learn the hard way.
Nice to see things have come full circle for you Dwight and that you are doing the teaching these days.
After all, you remember what is was like to be a youngster in the league, right? (Ask Kobe)

Without further adieu, here is you 'create a caption' picture:

Three participants (excluding Brandon Bass, right behind Howard. But you can include him for a bonus)
1) Dwight Howard
2) Jrue Holiday 
3) No. 20 on the Sixers.

My caption #1
1) Dwight Howard - "Who is the master!?"
2) Jrue Holiday - "Sho 'nuff."
3) No. 20 on the Sixers - "Huh. So that's what a heat sack is."

My caption #2 
1) Dwight Howard - "I told you not to jump." (He actually did in real life)
2) Jrue Holiday  - "Oy gevalt."
3) No. 20 on the Sixers "Wolfman's got nards."

I am eager to hear your creative thoughts on the matter......


  1. Seeing this footage makes me wonder if maybe the NBA should use the Wunderlick test as well. This was #TURRRIBLE decision making on the part of Jrue Holiday. I really dont understand the thought process.

    Completely absolved in this post is Spencer Hawes, who also made a bad decision by trying to block the pass, but at least he had the presence of mind to get out of the poster as quickly as possible.

    Back to Holiday....Com'n son. Really? REALLY??!?! What goes through your head at this particular moment??? "Let's see, Im playin against the Magic, a lob is thrown, no one on their squad has bunnies except for....ahhh s&$t!!!"

    However, you did ask for captions. Here are some:

    Dwight Howard-WTF is this dood thinkin???
    Jrue Holiday-WTF was I thinkin???
    Jodie Meeks (#20)-WTF is this dood thinkin???

    Caption 2

    Dwight Howard-RELEASE ME!!!!
    Jrue Holiday-Mommy it hurts!
    Jodie Meeks-Money NOOOOOOO!!!!

    Caption 3

    Dwight Howard-F&$%@NG SHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD!!!!
    Jrue Holiday-I really should be getting a piece of this poster revenue
    Jodie Meeks-Defense is overrated.

    I really could go on with this. LOL

  2. I am not one to write LOL, so let me just say after reading your captions I was literally laughing out loud!

    Absolute masterpiece, all three of them.
    I think others will be hard pressed to top it.

    I was considering adding the "Money NOOOOOO!" But I figured it was too much of an inside joke. You were right to add it, it's much more universal than I thought and can be appreciated by everyone.

    My favorite of the lot is Caption 1 - same thought, different perspectives.

    My favorite individual caption is Jodie Meeks' (thanks for clarifying that):
    "Defense is overrated."

    I forgot to add that I think Jameer Nelson is just as guilty as Howard for being a bully - he instigated the whole thing.

    Finally, if you really want to ask kobe, go here:

    And if you want to ask Dwight, PLEASE, PLEASE, go here:

    Maybe one day we'll get to hear Jrue's side of the story...

    I def cannot match that so I won't even try...