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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deja Vu: the prequel

This is sort of a mind bending title isn't it?
Experiencing Deja Vu, a glitch in the matrix, implies that you saw something which you have seen before.
Therefore, the prequel to Deja Vu connotes the original event.
It is a reference to inception, if you will.

Do you remember my Deja Vu post from a while ago?
The one that depicted LeBron James flooring Nicholas Batum with a behind the back cross over?
I led many to believe Deja Vu was a reference to the previous post, which depicted Deron Williams flooring Sonny Weems with a cross over.

However, the inception of that LeBron James cross over goes back much further:

Now do you understand the true meaning of Deja Vu?
Now do you see the originator of Miami Heat players sending defenders diving to the floor?
Yes, D. Wade will always be able to say he won a chip in Miami before LeBron came over.
But he can also say that he caught bodies in Miami before LeBron came over.

Surely, LeBron wants to replicate what the Heat did in '06.
But it's almost as if LeBron tried to replicate this play as well.

And more about this play.
This may be the best move I have ever seen.
Let me just say, I have this youtube clip on my ipod, just so I can access it anytime I feel like.

Let me also say, I have no idea who that defender was on the Utah Jazz. Which is probably a good thing. As far as I'm concerned he may never have played another game in the NBA after this - which of course could be due to the resultant shame and/or injuries sustained from his fall.

Look how FAR the defender travels.
My goodness.
He literally dives, arms flailing and all, from the top of the key to the support under the basket.
That my friends is impressive.

Look at how the defender slides into the basket support and then just lays there motionless.
Is he playing dead or just in shock by what occurred?

Look how he slides past Mehmet Okur.
Did Okur knowingly move out of the way or was he just lucky?

And can you really blame the defender?
Imagine trying to guard Wade going full speed to his right and then stopping on a dime to throw the ball reverse between his legs.
Human bodies are not intended to withstand changes in direction at those speeds.

Why am I showing this play now? It is after all 4 years old.
I am showing it because:
A) it's hilarious
B) it's related to the LeBron James move
but most importantly
C) it's why I think the Heat are going to the NBA finals.

The Miami Heat have the two best players in the world on their team.
Two players that can execute this type of move and literally destroy their defenders.
If they're lucky, other championship contending teams have only one player that can do this sort of thing.

In an 82 game season, you can hide and maybe escape the wrath of Wade and James relatively unscathed. But in the playoffs, in a seven game series, it's not going to be safe for anyone on opposing teams.

Before the playoffs started, Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra rolled out their championship trophy from '06 to inspire this year's team to great heights. Also for inspiration, LeBron spent time watching Wade's performance in that year's Finals, perhaps to try to emulate that sort of brilliance on the biggest stage.

Apparently LeBron was trying to emulate Wade highlights even before the playoffs.

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