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True Hoops

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sonny's Blues

Half asleep watching the 1 am sports center I came across this gem:

It's rare that you see guys take a dive to the floor after a cross-over like Sonny Weems did in this play. Usually you see the defender either
A) get crossed out of the picture by going the wrong direction
B) touch the court with one hand to regain balance
C) have their legs buckle from underneath them

Taking a nose dive is a rare exception that makes for great humor.
What makes this play worse was that Williams was then able to throw a successful alley-oop to Brook Lopez, ensuring it made the highlight reels.

Talk about international exposure.

I've watched Deron Williams as much as I can. I love his game and I think he may be the best point guard in the NBA. I've certainly seen him cross over many defenders in his day. His ability to change speeds and direction is amazing and almost un-defendable. In fact, so inspired by his play, I've went to the gym numerous times after watching him to try to emulate his cross over pull-up.

But upon reexamination I have to ask, did Deron Williams really cross Weems to the floor?
Take a closer look and you will see that Weems' foot gets tripped up on the foot of the man setting the screen.

Therefore, does this really count as a highlight?
Can Williams really take credit for Weems hitting the floor?
What standards - be it domestic or international - do we have for a legitimate cross-over?

I think in this case the truth is that it doesn't really matter.
Williams crossed-over and Weems hit the deck.

Not sure if show-casing the Nets and Raptors (17-43 and 17-44 records coming in, respectively) is the best way to gain european interest in the NBA. But accentuating the flamboyance and entertainment value of NBA players like Deron Williams is. Just listen to the crowd in awe.

To make matters worse, listen to Marv Albert and Mike Fratello make the call.

If History is written by those that are the victors of major conflicts, then highlights are determined by the end result of plays - not the cause or context. It's sad in a way, but such is what feeds the insatiable appetite of pop culture and entertainment.

For a more balanced call of the play, check this out:

Way to go guys. Way to not give in to the pressures and norms of society.
Way to give poor Sonny his fair due.

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