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True Hoops

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The importance of Having a Mid-Range Jumper pt.2

This is why you trade for Carmelo Anthony:

I think I remember someone saying that in a last minute situation, you need to rely on your skill. In particular, you need to trust your mid-range jump shot.

"Just create space and elevate."

I also believe that same someone mentioned how Carmelo Anthony was quite adept at using myriad moves to get his shot off.

Melo's game winning shot last night was essentially a 10 second workshop on how to perfectly utilize the mid-range jump shot with the game on the line.

Let's look at the check list:

1) Ward off your defender (Tony Allen) with your body and give the passer a target by extending your outside hand (This makes it easier for your teammate to get you the ball).

2) Catch the ball while establishing your left foot as a pivot to turn and face your defender (YOU are now at the advantage. You can assess what the defense is giving you and decide what to do).

3) Jab step going right then rip the ball back through to go left
(YOU are dictating what will happen, the defender is reacting to your move. Due to the natural delay in their reaction time, you will have created enough time and space to get a shot off).

4) Take one dribble left then pull up into your shot
(As the defender is still trying to recover laterally, use that fraction of a second in his delayed reaction time to elevate vertically).

5) Trust your shot
(You have created the space to get your shot off, even if it is contested. There is no need to go to the basket and face the help defense)

Keep in mind, this entire process has to be seem-less. We're taking about a fraction of a second and inches of space that you are creating with your move. Don't think. Don't hesitant. Trust your skill and instinct. Once you get the opening, don't give the defender a chance to recover, go right into you jump shot.

Follow through.

You got all that?

Consider yourself lucky that one of the best in the business at his craft gave you a free lesson last night.
And by the way, when was the last time the knicks hit a game winning shot on the road in a meaningful game???

I'm just saying...

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