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True Hoops

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Bully

Remember that 21 year old kid over the summer that started for team USA and helped them win a gold medal at the wold championships?

Remember that kid who more and more people where starting to feel will ultimately be better than LeBron?

Remember the NBA GMs picking a kid from that USA team to win MVP this year in the pre-season?

Well they were almost right, they just picked the wrong kid.
Kevin who?

Do we really have to have a discussion as to whether or not Derrick Rose is the NBA MVP?
Do we really?

I am from New York. I was a big Knicks fan in the 90's, which by default meant I was going against the Bulls. But even I will admit, this kid is hands down the MVP.

What he and his team have done thus far this season is nothing short of amazing.
The Bulls are currently tied for the best record in the east, second best record in the NBA.
They have already won more games than all of last season.
25 points, 8 assists, and 4 rebounds a game.
He's played significant stretches without Carlos Boozer and/or Joakim Noah.
Heck, he's the only all-star on his team.
The Celtics and Heat have four and three all-stars, respectively.

I believe that makes him the MVP by default.

Before the All-Star break, I would have picked LeBron, because the Heat were tied for best in the east and the Cavs were really that bad.
The only other player I would maybe consider now is Dirk, because without him the Mavs couldn't win and with him they seemingly can't lose.
The Spurs, Celtics, and Lakers are all too deep to have an MVP.

Really the only question now is who will finish second in voting.

Well, I guess another question is...
How is Rose this good?
Does he shoot exceptionally well? I don't think so.
Does he pass exceptionally well? I don't think so.
Is his ball handling that exceptional? He's not that flashy.
Is he just that much faster than everyone else? More than likely.

I guess we didn't know how truthful Adiddas was when they told us "fast don't lie"
(as opposed to team Jordan's "quick can't be caught").

See for yourself in the Bulls recent loss to the Pacers the other night (and you thought the pacers could only beat the Knicks):

And think, he should still be playing with memphis in the NCAA tournament right now.
If and when he wins the MVP, he will be the youngest in NBA history to do so. 

And everyone has jumped on the band wagon. I can't tell you how many blogs are out there about him being the MVP. That's fine. But even Michael Jordan  is campaigning for Rose.
(no wonder he came up with that similar catch phrase).

I know we all see it now, but did anyone see this before?
How did he leap frog over Kevin Durant?
Did anyone see this coming, this...
As's recent "Race to the MVP"  piece pointed out (Speed wins the race), he would be the first player in 38 years to win the MVP award without receiving one vote the previous year.

Hind sight is 20-20. We can all see that.
But I suppose the only one that can see fast forward is Rose himself, as evidenced by a SLAM pre-season cover...

I hope, for the sake of New York, he doesn't also see another Bulls dynasty.
Here we go again...

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