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True Hoops

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Create a Caption - Round 2

Here in the second round of create a caption, the points are worth double.
You know the rules, create a caption for all participants involved in an NBA play from this season.

Let's move over to the western conference to check out a play from several months ago involving Russell Westbrook. I know this is relatively an oldie, but hey it's a goodie.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

There are so many layers to this dunk that makes it nasty:
The ambient sounds (Listen to the rim snap. The crowd in awe. Who is that yelling in the background?)

The incomprehension of one of the commentators ("Shane battier is 6'8", Russell Westbrook is only 6'3"").

Look at where Westbrook took off from.
Poor Shane battier never had a chance, he was up against an unstoppable force that gained a full head of steam. Shane never really got up off the ground.

Similar to Dwight Howard the other day, look at the disgust on Westbrook's face.
What do you suppose he is mouthing to himself?

Now look at Shane Battier actually smiling while running down the court behind Westbrook.
He knows he just got finished.
Big time.
It's the type of play that can get you run out of a city and have to relocate to say......Memphis

But you know what really makes this play great?
Go back to the dunk when it happens live.
Now pay attention to the Rockets team bench. Pay close attention.
You'll notice that a member of the Rockets actually stands up after Battier gets punched on and then is so overcome with emotion that he has to excuse himself.

Mind you, this is Battier's own teammate.

Which brings us to our 'create a caption' picture:

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words.
Especially when you have so many facial expressions.
Round two, double the points, so double the participants (6)
1) Russell Westbrook
2) Shane Battier
3) Rick Adelman
4) Kevin Martin
5) Thabo Sefolosha
6) Bald guy behind the bench

My caption:
1) Russell Westbrook - "I will break you!"
2) Shane Battier - "Man, Russell's armpit smells bad!"
3) Rick Adelman - "Uh, check please."
4) Kevin Martin - "Mommy look, Russell is climbing that man's chest!"
5) Thabo Sefolosha - "Don't think I'm getting the ball on this possession."
6) Bald guy behind the bench - "We should have gotten the live chicken."

Understandably so, Shane had to skip town not to long after this play.
But you can't run forever. 
If somehow Memphis gets by the Spurs, Russell Westbrook and the Thunder will most likely be waiting in the western conference semi-finals.

So, Shane has also been trying to keep a low profile by altering his facial appearance:

Don't let that smile fool you.
"Shane, come back."
"We love you Shane!"


  1. Let me start with this: This is probably my favorite dunk of the year. Was it the nastiest? No. But there is just something about guards finishing big men that has that special appeal. Also, as you spoke of earlier, it has that ambiance. The rim, the yelling, the crowd agasp which creates that collective sound that there really is no word for. Just special.

    Attention Mr Battier: Going into the Witness Protection Program disguised as a Black Hulk Hogan is not going to help you. We all saw it. We will never forget it. Now, on to the show:

    Russel Westbrook-"If you dont know, u beta ask somebody!!!"
    Shane Battier-"Coach K didnt prepare me for this."
    Rick Adelman-"YIKES"
    Kevin Martin-"Can the rim withstand this impact?"
    Thabo Sefolosha-"I wish I was a baller, I wish I was taller, I wish I had a girl that looked good, I would call her."
    Bald guy behind the bench-"Use the force, young Jedi."

    I think your Adelman and Thabo quotes are hilarious. Check please! LOL

  2. HAHAHAH @ "Shane Battier-"Coach K didnt prepare me for this.""

    Ahmed takes the fun out of this, lol