True Hoops

True Hoops

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Players Respond to True Hoops!

The Playoff are here! The Playoffs are here!

So much excitement already, so many great games.
And there is still two months to go!

While there are many things to consider after the first four days of the playoffs, I was really taken aback by how some of the participating players I wrote about last week on True Hoops felt personally obligated to respond.

You may remember I ridiculed Shane Battier last week in round two of the create a caption game, whereby I called him out for getting thrown on by Russell Westbrook and then escaping town to grow a mustache in Memphis (sounds like the plot of a movie).

I cautioned that he probably wouldn't want the Grizzles to advance in the playoffs, because Mr. Westbrook and the Thunder would be looming large in the next round. Why have a repeat performance?
Where would Shane run to next? And what sort of facial hair would follow?

Undaunted by his previous encounter, Shane's response is "bring it on!"
Fully focused towards getting a second chance to defend Westbrook, Shane is certainly doing everything in his power to make sure such a showdown happens, as evidenced by his clutch three against the spurs the other day:

"He's facing his fear!" "He's facing his fear!"
Only three more wins to go.

On a more serious note, after knocking down that game winner, Shane's wife gave birth to their second child.

All in a good day's work.
Congratulations on that.

In round one of create a caption, I chastised Jrue Holiday for foolishly jumping on an alley oop pass thrown to Dwight Howard, which inevitably lead to his ignominious appearance on posters and youtube clips world wide.

I mentioned that to become a better player he needs to learn from his mistakes.
Apparently he hasn't done so yet:

Yep, that's Jrue alright. Just can't get enough.
I wonder, what is Doug Collins teaching this kid?

Although, perhaps I overlooked something.
What if this is just a hobby of Jrue's?

Maybe Jrue was telling me: "I like being in posters!"

In that regard, maybe things aren't as bad as I previously thought.
Keep jumping Jrue!

And finally, remember that Deja Vu: the prequel post?
The one where I highlighted a Dwayne Wade move from 4 years ago that literally sent his defender flying? And how that move essentially established the protocol for LeBron to follow in Miami?

I argued that having those two guys on the same team is going to be deleterious for opposing teams.
Well Wade, being the good sport that he is, did his best to make me look good by instilling this notion early on in the playoffs:

And I love the way Wade looks to the crowd after the move because he knows in was stink.
Unfortunately I wasn't there Dwayne to give you a thumbs up and say thank you, but I still see you.
Thanks for validating my blog homie - it is appreciated.

Also, as you know I am a doctor, maybe we can discuss that double cross-over of yours for possible medical applications. I didn't realize it was a suitable methodology for relieving migraines while 
inducing  them in your opponents......

Shot out to Shane Battier, Jrue Holiday, and of course Dwayne Wade for reading True Hoops and responding with their play. I can only hope to touch the lives of other basketball players in the future.

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