True Hoops

True Hoops

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Legend continues......

Just when you thought there wasn't anything else Jeremy Lin could do to impress you:

What more can this man do???

Okay, maybe cut down on his turnovers and display a little better shot selection (He had 8 turnovers and shot 9-20 for the game). There were two two straight possessions late in the 4th where he threw an errant pass to A'mare and then forced up a contested shot in the lane. But then again, he finished the game on a 6-0, hitting an a lay-up plus the foul to tie the game with a minute to go, then hitting the three above to seal the deal. Lin finished with 27 points and 11 assists to lead New York to their 6th straight victory.

It truly is amazing how Lin has transformed the franchise. It used to be, the Knicks always found a way to lose (and this goes back a long time). Now with two straight come from behind wins on the road, the Knicks are actually finding ways to win. You almost feel as if they will find a way to win now. Think about the steal and dunk that Imam Shumpert got off Jose Calderon with less than two minutes to go that cut the deficit to three. Think about the tip-out on a Knicks missed shot that Tyson Chandler got at the end of the game to give the Knicks the final possession and set-up Lin's winning shot.

Those are winning plays that the Knicks weren't making a little over a week ago.
Now they are.

And look at the gall on this kid. Peep how with 13 seconds to go in the game, Lin waives off Tyson Chandler (and the pick-and-roll) so he can have the iso on Calderon.
How much swag does it take to do that?

The only question I have to ask is......what's next???

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