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True Hoops

Monday, February 20, 2012

Create a Caption - Round 3

Of course by now you know that the Jeremy Lin led Knicks beat the Dallas Mavericks 104-97 yesterday at the Garden.

But did you know that Mark Zuckerberg was in attendance?

Safe to say Linsanity has reached a critical mass when Facebook founder (and fellow Harvard guy)  wants in on the action. Although, from the picture below it seems as if he may have developed an infatuation with another Knicks player. Or perhaps he just had a lot to think about after the Knicks thrilling victory over the defending champs.

Let's call this Lin-stant access.
Mark Zuckerberg, What's on your mind?

1) How did Iman Shumpert make it into the Slam Dunk contest? Oh wait, Lin will be throwing him an alley oop!
2) I wonder if Jeremy Lin will accept my friend request.
3) Hmmm. What if I changed it to Lin-book?  
4) This Linsanity is crazy - maybe I should have stayed in school.
5) I was Time person of the year. I don't see Spike Lee wearing my Harvard attire to the game.
6) Can I get Jeremy Lin to play me in the Social Network sequel?

1) Huh, so that's what a point guard looks like.
2) Huh, so that's what a Harvard dropout looks like.
3) Hmmm. Jeremy Lin - Harvard Grad, $700 K a year in the NBA. Mark Zuckerberg - Harvard dropout, net worth over $20 billion. So that's what they mean by fuzzy math!

But wait, there's more!
Here in create a caption round three/Lin-stant access, we actually get to hear Mark Zuckerberg's thoughts on the game! Here they are:

Wow! I've never been to Madison Square Garden before - this is Lin-credible! I didn't even know New York had a basketball team until 9 games ago.
28 points, 14 assists, and 5 steals for Jeremy Lin! Not to mention that dunk!
Who cares that he had 7 turnovers and has in a landslide set the record for most turnovers in NBA history for the first 8 starts of a career? It just goes to show you, everybody loves a winner.
Besides, I may not know much about basketball, but it seems obvious to me that Lin is spent - he did play 45 minutes today you know. Imagine when that guy Baron Davis returns. Do you think the Knicks second unit will even miss a beat? That will surely cut down the TOs.
Speaking of new guys, that JR Smith really made an impression. Nice hair, tons of energy. Kind of amazing how in his first game, without even attending a practice, he was able to replace Landry Fields  in crunch time and take more shots that A'mare Stoudemire. Ah, but who cares about Fields, he's a Standford guy. Besides, seems like Smith knows what's up - college is so overrated.
But I do feel bad for A'mare, look at how underutilized he his. It seems to me the Knicks would be the beneficiary of throwing him into more pick and roll situations with Jeremy Lin. Think about Dirk Nowitzki having to either switch out onto Lin, or sprint back to A'mare as he catches the ball in an isolation. But what do I know? 
The bottom line is, this is Lin's team now. So what if A'mare first provided the capital for getting the Knicks off the ground and back towards respectability? He could never take the Knicks to the heights that Lin has. And who cares if Lin stole Carmelo's idea of coming to New York and playing savior? Wait a minute, why does this drama sound a little familiar? 
Speaking of familiar, am I in any way related to Steve Novak? Now that guy has swag. 14 points in the 4th quarter? Did he even play before this year???
I wonder if Jason Terry will get a tattoo of Jeremy Lin on his biceps. I wonder if Mark Cuban dreams of having as much money as me. Lamar Odom is on Dallas? I wonder if a Kardashian here? Oh, but Eva Longoria is here. I wonder why she has a better seat than me? Speaking of better, I wonder how Nowitzki is better than everyone else with only one leg?
I really should update my facebook profile with all of these thoughts - let me go online.
What's this? NBA update: Kevin Durant drops 51? Russell Westbrook drops 40 with 9 assists? Serge Ibaka has a triple double with 11 blocks?
 Who cares!!!
 The Knicks are .500! They just beat the defending champs! They have Jeremy "OMG"  Lin! Everything else is Lin-consequential! 
LMAO! No really, I just saw LMAO.

There you have it folks.
Shot out to Mark Zuckerberg for providing his thoughts to True Hoops NY!
(Note, I didn't actually speak with Zuckerberg - but I thank him anyway).

Now, you know the drill, same rules as round 1 and round 2.
Except this time, the person who provides the best caption for the picture above wins a Jeremy Lin T-shirt! What could be better than that?!?

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