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Friday, November 9, 2012

Point Guard Project

It's a new season for True Hoops NY!
And in the spirit of scientific enquiry, what do you say if this season we do a little survey and analysis?

For your enjoyment, Here is what I drafted up:

Title: Point Guard Project (PGP)

Proposal: ask EVERY point guard in the league the SAME 6 questions.

Rationale: the point guard is perhaps the deepest position in the league, with a wealth of diversity in playing styles. Therefore, understanding what the conventional, as well as, non-canonical tendencies of point guards are is of value.

Hypothesis: Based on analysis of responses, a correlation can be made between answers and playing style. Therefore one can be used as a prediction model for the other.

Expected results: responses will vary according to an individual's game, with similarity corresponding to age, pedigree, and playing style.

Scoring points vs. pass first
Power vs finesse.
Age/years in the league
Athleticism vs. skill set
Starter vs. bench player.
Star vs. role player.

You get the...... point......right?
Well then, let's get to it!

Here are the 6 questions for the Point Guard Project:

1) Who did you watch play growing up? And whose game did you try to emulate?

2) What was your first memorable point guard match-up, when you first got into the league?

3) What is your definition for the job of a point guard?

4) How do you determine when to shoot vs. when to pass?

5) What is a typical workout for you like?

6) Do you have any words of advice for young aspiring point guards?

First up, John Lucas III, currently of the Toronto Raptors.

Lucas is turning 30 and entering his 5th year in the league.
He is generously listed at 5'11'' and 165 ibs, but not sure if I believe it.
Apparently LeBron doesn't either.

Undrafted out of Oklahoma, Lucas has career averages of 4.8 points and 1.8 assists a game. But, that's only on 11 minutes per game, in a total of 116 games.

However to give you an idea of the talent level in the NBA, while filling in for Derrick Rose last season, Lucas scored 24 points in a victory over the eventual NBA champion Miami Heat. He boasts career highs of 25 points, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds.

Not to mention those 60 points he scored against a Kevin Durant street ball summer league team a couple of summers ago.

Mr. Lucas, welcome to the PGP:

Elaborate, humorous, and enlightening.

I would say John Lucas' responses are important to guards who aren't blessed with height or tremendous athletic ability, and therefore need to scrap for everything.

Summary of John Lucas' answers:

1) Watched & emulated Allen Iverson, Damon Stoudamire, Mugsy Bogues, Chris Jackson (aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf) and Mark Jackson (yes, he's old enough for Mark Jackson).

2) Memorable match-up: Iverson and Kobe (whom he fouled).

3) A point guard should be smart, under control, and limit their turnovers

4) Shoot vs. Pass: If you don't have a shot, pass. If you're open you should be able to knock down the shot. Today, there are a lot of shoot first point guards. Knowing when to pass is not really something that can be taught. It's a feeling, based on the flow of the game, what the defense is giving you and their schemes.

5) Workout: make 1000 shots a day! Practice 14 hours a day! (What?!?!).
Constantly play - to simulate game situations.

6) Words of advice: never let nobody say you can't do it, have the will, the desire, have faith in yourself. Play for yourself

Much thanks to John Lucas III for his time!
Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Point Guard Project!
Stay tuned for more!

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