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True Hoops

Friday, November 16, 2012

Point Guard Project - Jrue Holiday

Welcome to the third edition of the Point Guard Project.

Our previous participants:
PGP1 - John Lucas 
PGP2 - Like Ridnour

This time we are joined by Jrue Holday

The PGP questions:

1) Who did you watch play growing up? And whose game did you try to emulate?

2) What was your first memorable point guard match-up, when you first got into the league?

3) What is your definition for the job of a point guard?

4) How do you determine when to shoot vs. when to pass?

5) What is a typical workout for you like?

6) Do you have any words of advice for young aspiring point guards?

To borrow somewhat from Charles Barkley, Jrue Holiday is becoming somewhat of  a "stud."
At 22 years of age, and entering his 4th year in the League, Jrue is currently averaging 18.3 points on  ~ 45% shooting to go along with 8.8 assists a game - by far his best numbers in his young career (12 & 5 his previous three years).

Listed at 6'4" and 205 ibs (which I can believe), this guy seems destined to become a top point guard in the league. Of course he has had his fair share of novice mistakes, but that just comes with the territory.

FYI, Jrue was a McDonald's all-american in high school, and only played one year at UCLA. He was drafted 17th overall in the 2009 NBA draft.

Mr. Holiday, welcome to the PGP:

Summary of answers:

1) Watched Magic Johnson  - I mean, he did grow up in California...and the doctor did tell him he would be 6'8"

2) First memorable match-up: Deron Williams. Knew he was really good - but a lot bigger and quicker than he thought he was.

3) Job of a point guard: Be a floor general, bring everything together. Get people shots when they need them, direct the DEFENSE (wow, defense) as well as the offense. Be a floor captain. Picking up and being aggressive on defense.

4) When to shoot vs. pass: If you have a open shot (simple enough). And if you're open all the time - then you should probably be scoring a lot. But, when a guy isn't having a good shooting night or a shooter hasn't touched the ball that many times - run a play to get them a open shot.

5) Workout: Passing is more so playing and having a feel for where your teammates will be. Shooting and ball handling is repetition. Different variety of shots - 1-2 pull-ups, coming off screens, & spot ups. During the off-season, make a 1000 shots a day, who knows how many it takes (2000-3000 shots). Repetition is about muscle memory, when you start hitting - it becomes natural.

6) For aspiring point guards: Keep working hard, don't be discouraged! Be the hardest working player on the court. Be able to do everything. Know where everybody is supposed to be, know where the defense is supposed to be. (Don't worry Jrue - it's not generic!).

Much thanks to Jrue Holiday for his time!
Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Point Guard Project!
Stay tuned for more!

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